What do I do


i waa go back to 2010, being in tenth grade/being 16 was so much fun.

katurai86:Eat eat! #quick #brunch #mcdo #filletofish #fries #morning


Eat eat! #quick #brunch #mcdo #filletofish #fries #morning

ABC Diet Day 8


Calories allowed: 400

Net Intake: 402


Lamb & barley soup: 174

Skim Cappucino: 100

Tuna Pattie: 100

Diet jelly: 28

I seriously just waa punch one of the RPOCs at PT.


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Clean Recipes Made Easy


Stop counting calories and banish your plain boring diet for clean nutritious meals.

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i’ve found the most affective way to lose weight: buy a bunch of nice clothes that are too small for you. i’ve already been eating less to fit into them

One of my form fitting dresses that fits quite snugly is now starting to hang off me


I don’t know whether this is good or bad, maybe becasue I’ve lost 2kg in the past week?

Can Cellulite Be Eliminated If You Are Pregnant?


Pregnancy is a time when a woman gains weight to accommodate a growing child in her womb. During this time, the fat cells underneath the surface of her skin get slightly enlarged. As the skin stretches, fat deposits form around places such as the stomach, hips and thighs. There is a very good reason for that to happen.

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